8 Ways to Effectively Promote Your NFT Collection

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6 min readMay 9, 2022


If you’re a founder trying to join the NFT space as a project owner, you’re still early. NFTs are not dying anytime soon, going by the sales in 2021 and early 2022.

However, NFTs are not just about launching a project and sitting down while waiting for the sales to roll in. As a founder, you need to think about how to get the word out there about your collection. Successful projects are those that invest time and money in advertising.

In this guide, we cover how you can effectively promote your NFT collection as a founder:

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2. Create a Collection Website

Prior to launching, your website will be the main source of information for the NFT community. That’s why you need to put lots of effort into the design and functionality.


A good website should be responsive to allow mobile users to browse easily while on the go and look nice on the desktop. The loading speed should also be reasonable, so make sure not to bog it down with lots of images and videos.

To boost your project’s credibility, get creative by including animations on your website. Anything from animated NFT characters and transitions can go a long way in creating a good first impression.


Your website should include all the crucial information about your project. Sections that are a must-have include:

About: What is your NFT about? What makes it unique? What blockchain does it live on?

Team: Who are the members of the team? What are their qualifications? What experiences do they have in space? How anonymous are they? What are their roles in the project?

Holder Benefits: What is the value provided to the holders?

Roadmap: A roadmap should outline the steps that will be taken by the project team to bring the promised value to reality. A good roadmap should show potential for value and not over-promise by listing overambitious milestones.

Social Links: Your project website should include links to official channels and other platforms like marketplaces. For example, a project launching on Ethereum should include, links to Discord, Twitter, and OpenSea.

Mint Information: Many projects forget to implement this, but it’s the most important. Information about minting should include stuff like, When is it happening? Where will it happen? Is there a whitelist? Is the whitelist collection in progress? Is the whitelist full?

3. Create Profiles on Social Channels

Social channels are a must-have for any NFT project. They allow you to engage with the NFT community and acquire new collectors who want to invest in your project. Social media pages can also boost your project’s credibility and present more opportunities to advance your project.


Discord is a staple social channel among the NFT community. The popular digital distribution platform was and has always been one of the main ways web3 investors and founders interact.

Before launching your project, set up your Discord and post the invite link to all social media channels. Some of the ways NFT collections use their Discord servers include:

● Display more information about the project.

● Create a community through engagements and incentives.

● Collect whitelists for their projects through activities run through the Discord server.

● Post important announcements to the community.

● Filter active members of the community from the passive ones.

● Run fun activities and challenges to keep the community engaged, e.g., fan art, trivia questions, etc.

Tip: Setting up and managing a discord can be time-consuming, so we recommend hiring developers to help with setting up a Discord or hiring Discord moderators to keep the community engaged.

Another way to leverage Discord is by getting into both public and private servers and promoting your collection. Use the public servers to make connections with the aim of getting into exclusive investor servers, where you can then pitch your collection.


Twitter is home to a large community of NFT enthusiasts, so it makes sense to set up a profile for your collection. Make sure to engage with the community every day and interact with other tweets relating to the space.

Promote your collection by showcasing your project art and other relevant promo materials like teasers.

Boost your engagements by running giveaways for whitelists, free mints, or other gifts. Embrace consistency with posting and you’ll build a following in no time. Also, make sure to post links to all official channels for your project. An easier way to do this is with Linktree.


Instagram is a great place to build a following for your project. The platform is geared towards showcasing media and you can take advantage of this by posting the best art from your collection.

Use features such as Instagram reels and stories to showcase your project and engage with the community.


TikTok is a great platform with lots of potential. Various ways you can promote your NFT collection on there include:

● Creating Promo videos.

● Creating videos of your art.

● Informing the community about the collection.


Reddit is also a great platform to promote NFTs. Start with creating a subreddit for your collection and join other NFT subs to spread the word. Some of the subreddits where you can advertise include:









Solana NFTs

4. Promote with Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is one of the most popular ways to promote products and services on the web. Some projects are already using this method, and by now you must have seen NFT ads while browsing the web.

Most publishers charge for their services through models like pay per click, pay per impression, cost per acquisition, etc.

There are many choices to choose from when it comes to running ads but the most popular include:

● Google Ads

● Facebook Ads

● Twitter Promoted Tweets

● Reddit Ads

● Instagram Ads

● Youtube Ads

5. Write on Medium

Medium is a great way to promote your collection. Though not popular among new projects, some founders use it to publish project roadmaps and whitepapers.

A post about your project on Medium can boost your collection’s credibility. In addition, you can get free traffic if your post goes viral on the platform or appears in Google Search.

If you have a whitepaper or any other material on Medium, remember to include the link on your website and social pages.

6. Promote on Marketplaces

NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, LooksRare, Rarible, Mintable, and others have sections dedicated to featured drops. These are likely promoted projects advertised within the marketplace’s ecosystem after founders pay for the advertisement.

Marketplaces advertise NFT projects by:

● Listing the project in the featured section.

● Including the NFT project in their email newsletters.

● Promoting the collection on their social media channels.

If you want to promote with a marketplace, contact them to inquire about their services.

7. Hire Influencers

Another way to promote your collection is by hiring influencers. These are individuals with huge followings and engagements in the NFT space on social channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok.

To measure the effectiveness of prompting with influencers, you can give them UTM links which can help you track the traffic data coming from their channels to see if it’s worth promoting with them.

8. Collaborate with Other Projects

Look for established projects and try to reach out to their founder for collaboration opportunities. If they like your project, they might ask for whitelist guarantees in return for promotion on their community pages.

Other activities you can run with established projects include giveaways and competitions.


To create a successful project, focus on creating value before embarking on advertising initiatives. A good project will advertise itself, saving you lots of hassle and money on promotion. Embrace creativity and use it to make your project unique.



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