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NFT Drops Calendar
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NFT Drops Calendar is a site that welcomes all, founders, creators, collectors, and NFT fans, alike. We bring the NFT community together to help founders and creators working hard to create worthwhile projects get support and build strong followings.

With over 450,000 users a month visiting our website, we are the go-to platform for projects looking for much-needed exposure. We feature new drops every day, carefully vetted through a rigorous process to ensure the community is getting unique, authentic, and impactful projects.

Users can browse through curated NFT categories such as Featured Drops, Upcoming Drops, Ongoing Drops, Today’s Drops, Giveaways, NFT News, and the NFT Drops Calendar blog.

To help collectors get in on the action, our NFT Calendar feature allows users to add minting dates of their favorite projects and get an alert on minting day.

We are also active on social media, where we interact with the community and help projects build organic interactions and followings. We keep the community engaged by working with projects to announce drops and offer rewards and giveaways.

nft drops calendar
featured drops — nft drops calendar

What We Offer

For Founders

When launching a project, getting an audience is one of the most important factors. You’ve created your art, the smart contract is ready to go on chain, and your social channels are ready. Now, what next?

NFT Drops Calendar offers you a chance to put your project in front of thousands of NFT enthusiasts, FOR FREE!.

Let’s talk numbers! Our official social channels boast strong communities and thousands of followers actively looking to support new projects that show value through great art, a solid roadmap, and utilities.

Working with us gives you access to:

Our Website:

● 450,000 monthly visitors

Average of 450,000 visitors a month.

Our social channels:
● Twitter — 60K
● Discord — 15k
● Telegram — 28k
● Instagram — 17k

Multi-Chain Support

multichain search bar
multichain search bar

Currently, supported chains include:

● Ethereum
● Polygon
● Solana
● Cardano
● Binance Smart Chain
● Algorand
● Avalanche
● Elrond
● Immutable X
● Near
● Tezos
● Tron

Promote Your NFT Project for Free!

List your project for free! You heard right! We give you free access to over 400,000 monthly website visitors at no cost. This is part of our mission to support new creators just starting out in the space and who want to build a strong and dedicated community.

featured drops in nft drops calendar
featured drops

We also choose several projects and promote them to our Instagram and Twitter followers.

In summary, to get your project running, follow these simple steps:

NFT drops form to submit your NFTproject.
NFT drops form to submit your NFTproject.

We offer customization for your listings. You can choose to include an animated GIF of your art collection or an image of your choice. To generate the most interest, we encourage founders to choose the best art from their collection for their profiles.

Each project gets its own page to showcase all the relevant project details. The sections on the page include:

  1. Art Section — Showcase your project(s) art or animated GIF
  2. Project Details — List your project attributes
  3. Mint Price
  4. Collection Count
  5. Traits Count
  6. Utility
  7. Presale Date/Public Sale Date
  8. Project Links — List your project social links
  9. Twitter
  10. Discord
  11. Website
  12. Marketplace
  13. Project Description

Create a custom description of your project that tells visitors about your project’s goals, roadmap, and any other details you want the community to know.

  1. Mint Date Section: Display your project’s D-Day, Mint Day.
Oddstronauts Drop details
Oddstronauts Drop details

Get More Exposure Through Our Paid Advertising Services

Want to increase exposure and engagement for your project? We offer paid advertising options at competitive rates. Get your project featured on the featured section, main pages, and on our Twitter account. The packages for paid advertising include:

Featured Section

Our top-tier service offers founders the chance to advertise their projects on our website pages in a way that allows for more visibility. Featured projects feature on all the main pages and get a priority in terms of page position and listing position. In addition, featured projects are listed with a star icon and a green background to set them apart.

The perks of this service include:

featured nft sections at nft drops calendar
featured nft sections

Display Ads

Another way to advertise on our site is through our display ads feature. We feature your project’s art or animated GIF embedded with your project website link on the right side of our main pages on a 400x400 sticky Ad.

Pages that will feature your ad include:

Display ads Nft drops calendar
Display Ads

Horizontal Banner

The horizontal banner is a 900x200 banner Ad displayed on our main pages. The banner features a space where you can include your project’s call-to-action, animated GIF, or a piece from your collection. Also embedded is a link to your website.

The horizontal banner gives you 100% visibility on the following pages:

Horizontal Banner in nft drops calendar
Horizontal Banner Ads

NFT Drop Tweet

Announce the launch of your collection to our Twitter community which boasts over 60,000 followers and lots of engagement. Advertising with this service gives you perks like strong credibility for your brand and visibility and recognition from our community.

Details included on your project tweet will include:

● Project Description
● Artwork (GIF)
● Mint Date
● Mint Price
● Link to your project’s profile on NFT Drops Calendar

Live alert Tweet — nft drops calendar
Live alert Tweet

Minting Live Alert Tweet

Boost your sales by using the Minting Live Alert Tweet Service. This service serves to alert your community on when and where the mint is happening. Boost sales by reaching out to collectors and lead them to your minting page on minting day.

Details included on your project tweet will include:

● Project Description
● Artwork or animated GIF
● Mint Price
● Mint Time
● Mint Links

Minting live alert — details
Minting live alert — details

Engagement Boost

Want to boost engagement for your project? Our engagement boost service helps you run giveaways and other promotions to build hype for your project. Encourage collectors to join your discord and follow your social media channels to enter the draws and, in turn, boost engagement for your project.

NFT Giveaway by nft drops calendar
NFT Giveaway



NFT Drops Calendar is a site that welcomes all, founders, creators, collectors, and NFT fans, alike. We bring the NFT community together.